Discover Karamoja

Karamoja Tourism marketing campaign is Discover Karamoja, Uganda’s Best Kept Secret. It is used in all of our international marketing work – including advertising, PR activity, online marketing and event activity.

#DiscoverKaramoja, is the first time Karamoja has one message in all of its tourism markets around the world. The campaign was developed to be clear and concise: to communicate a single message about Karamoja that captured the imagination of our target market.

Discover Karamoja, Uganda’s Best Kept Secret tells the story of how this region’s unique combination of landscapes, people and activities cannot be found anywhere else in the world – it is a “Uganda’s Best Kept Secret”.

Consumer marketing and advertising

Consumer Marketing – including advertising, promotions and online marketing work – is the most visible part of Karamoja Tourism’s work.

Karamoja Tourism’s advertising is aiming to reach our target audience wherever they are, and whatever they might be doing, in their daily lives within the financial capacity at hand. This has meant embracing targeted new media such as mobile technology, social media and online advertising.

Online channels

Karamoja Tourism helps make planning and booking a Karamoja Uganda holiday easy by ensuring the international travel trade know and understand Karamoja region, and by delivering a world-class travel website to consumers.

Our consumer website,, is the main way Karamoja Tourism provides information about Karamoja to international visitors. The goal of is to connect consumers with travel sellers.

The site offers interactive planning tools, special travel deals, operator listings and information about Karamoja. Content is tailored to the interests and requirements of consumers from all our key markets. All campaign activity drives visitors to