Most countries have issued a travel warning for the areas within 50km of Uganda’s border with DR Congo and South Sudan. Most have also issued a travel warning for the remote Karamoja region in north-eastern Uganda, which includes Kidepo Valley National Park. See the links below for the official travel advisories of several governments.

Improved security situation

The security situation in the Karamoja region has improved in recent years, but this isn’t yet reflected in the advice given by the travel advisories. Kidepo Valley NP has always been considered safe enough for travel, but previously the advice was to fly there instead of driving.

Specialised tour operators

Several reputable tour operators now consider the area to be safe enough for driving and are taking clients by road. If you are planning a self-drive to Kidepo Valley or elsewhere in Karamoja, it is however recommended to seek local advice before you depart especially on road conditions.

Travel maps

We recommend to pre-install MAPS.ME on your mobile device for a fast, detailed and completely offline Map of Karamoja.

Foreign travel advisories

Please use the links below for government’s travel advice on Ugandan including the Karamoja region.