Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Uganda's 2nd Largest Protected Area

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is situated on the plains of Karamoja between three mountain rangers:  Mount Elgon, Mount Kadam and Mount Napak. Pian Upe is Uganda’s second largest protected and home to rare animal species only to be found in Pian Upe.

Wildlife in Pian Upe

Wildlife found here includes rare species such as the Roan antelope, Lesser Kudu, Bright’s gazelle and Ostriches which, in Uganda, are found only here and in Kidepo Valley National Park.

A large variety of mammals in the area include lion Panthera leo, leopard Pantheia pardus (T), cheetah Acinonyx jubatus (T), giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis, buffalo Syncerus caffer, waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus, Uganda kob Kobus kob, mountain reedbuck Redunca fuhorufula, roan antelope Hippotragus equinus, Jackson’s hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus Jacksoni, oribi Ourebia ourebi. Most of the eland Taurotragus oryx, topi Damaliscus lunatus, and zebra Eguus quaga borensis migrate into the area to breed from North Bokora and Matheniko reserves and migrate northwards when the rains begin. Birds include ostrich Struthio camelus, secretary bird Sagittarius serpentarius, and yellow-billed shrike Corvinella Corvina (uncommon).

Bird watching in Pian Upe

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is home to Uganda’s only endemic bird species being the Fox’s Weaver Bird. It also hosts other species like: Hartlaub’s Turaco, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, Lemon Dove, Dusky Turtle Dove, African Hill Babbler, Alpine Chat, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Thick-billed Honey guide and Grey Cuckoo-Shrike.

Rock paintings

Rock paintings found at various sites within the Pian Upe National Park, Matheniko and Bokora Wildlife Reserve are believed to date back over 3000 years and were created by the Kushite and Nilotic peoples.

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