Lake Opeta – Besina Wetland System

Uganda's last remaining wetland system

Lake Opeta – Bisina wetland system is the last remaining wetland system uniquely placed between the drier regions of Karamoja in the North and the wetter areas in the South. It is unique with species of birds especially the endemic Fox’s Weaver and other rare waterbirds such as the Shoebill and the White-backed Duck.

Unique experiences

  • Visit the Tisai Island about 2 hours on a slow boat ride with challenging rides through the dense corridor of the Bisina and Opeta lakes locally known as “the Gate of the two lakes”. A place with ancient Teso traditional huts still existing.
  • Explore the various tourism interests in Kumi region that includes boat rides, swimming, birding, fishing and shoebill trekking. There is also a cultural village and Nyeru rock painting that may easily be accessed.
  • Experience the spectacle of Pian Upe wildlife Reserve with animal movements from the North coming down to the Southern shores of Opeta wetland system. Major attractions include Buffaloes, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Zebras and Roan Antelopes.
  • Being an Important Bird Area and a Ramsar Site, the system boasts of a variety of species of birds, fish, plants and amphibians among others.
  • Birdwatching
  • Boat trip
  • Cultural Encounters
  • Fishing
  • Hiking